"God shows his love for us that while we were still sinners, Christ dies for us." - Romans 5:8



Matt Chandler The Gospel Presentation


The Gospel is the story of redemption found in God’s word, the Bible.

God the creator of all things, created us to bring glory to himself, and yet we are enemies of God, hopelessly dead in our sins, unable to bear the wrath of God against our sins.

God must punish sin, and yet in his love and mercy He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to bear his wrath against our sin on the cross, provided a way for us to be reconciled to himself.

We must admit that we are by nature sinful and in a state of rebellion towards God, unable to make ourselves right with God. — Romans 3:10-12

Jesus Christ is the only one who can reconcile us to God. Through his death and resurrection, he alone is able to satisfy the wrath of God for our sins. Apart from Christ we have no hope of being reconciled to God. — Romans 6:23

Faith leads to salvation when we put our trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior, no longer trusting in our self-sufficiency, trusting in Him to be our Savior and Lord. — Romans 5:8

Cry out to God today to save you from your sins and to be reconciled to God, forever. Put your faith firmly in Jesus Christ, confessing Him as your Savior and Lord.


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